We are thrilled you have joined the team for Winter 2024. Over the next few months we will be using this website to keep you updated to make your transition up to Falls Creek as smooth as possible. 

We are sure that you will find the information useful. If there is anything else that you need to know, please do not hesitate to reach out to us via email on [email protected].

Look forward to seeing you on the mountain.

Rosy Seaton

Arrival Details +
Your first week in Falls Creek

Thank you for your patience on awaiting the rooming & venue allocations to be released.

Allocated Venue

As discussed in your interview and subsequent communication we are asking all staff to be flexible in their venue allocations. As a reminder you may be asked to work in multiple venues and deal with multiple managers over the course of your employment with Traverse Alpine Group. 

Please remember that not all venue managers will have started employment yet, so please continue to contact us for any immediate questions via [email protected]



A lot of work has gone into your accommodation allocation and your allocation has been selected carefully. We would appreciate your cooperation with staying in your allocated room and accommodation for the entirety of the season. Any room change requests will be assessed on a case by case basis and are highly likely to be refused.

Please see below for your accommodation details and your primary venue and manager details:

2nd June 2024 – Please contact NATHAN on 0491 492 482 if you are unsure. Full list has been released via the WhatsApp group. 

Induction & Training Details

  • Tuesday 4th June – Location: All staff to Frying Pan Inn, 4 Village Bowl Ct

  • 9am  – 12:30pm – Whole Staff Induction @ Frying Pan Inn – Welcome to TAG and Falls Creek 

  • 1pm – 4pm – Manager Training – ONLY REQUIRED: Venue Managers, Assistant Venue Managers, Head Chefs, Sous Chefs & Other Managers 


  • Wednesday 5th June – Staff Induction @ Venues –

  • 9 am – 4pm – Meet at venues as per instructions  

  •       Cloud 9 Staff – Meet @ Slalom Plaza @ 8:30am

           Frying Pan Inn Staff – Meet @ Frying pan Inn @ 8:45am

           Astra Staff (including Housekeeping, Guest Services & Restaurant Staff) – Meet @ Astra @ 8:45am

           Huski Staff – Meet @ Huski Kitchen @ 8:45am

           Logistics & Maintenance: Meet @ Frying Pan Inn @ 8:45am

  • – 6pm – 9pm – Staff Welcome Dinner and Drink at Frying Pan Inn

  • Thursday 6th JuneStaff Induction in Venues – Meet at venues as per instructions 10:30am-5:30pm  

  •       Cloud 9 Staff – Meet @ Slalom Plaza @ 10am

           Frying Pan Inn Staff – Meet @ Frying pan Inn @ 10:15am

           Astra Staff (including Housekeeping, Guest Services & Restaurant Staff) – Meet @ Astra @ 10:15am

           Huski Staff – Meet @ Huski Kitchen @ 10:15am

           Logistics & Maintenance: Meet @ Frying Pan Inn @ 10:15am

  • 6pm Staff meal at Frying Pan Inn 

  • Friday 7th June, Saturday 8th June, Sunday 9th June – Rosters to be published and release via SWAG – Please download swag app (APPLE) (ANDRIOD) so you will get alerts when the roster is published.

For reference these are the building addresses and access:

       Murmeli: 16 Schuss St, Falls Creek, VIC 3669 – Access via Front Door on Schuss St – Please enter and find your room: 

     Top Floor – rooms 11, 12, 14, 15, 16, 17; Middle Floor – rooms 8, 9, 10 (via dining room); Bottom Floor – Rooms 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 18; Ground Floor, GR1, GR2, GR3, GR4, GR5 (exit via bottom floor door and walk outside down the staircase and turn left to find rooms)

       Frying Pan Inn, 4 Village Bowl, Falls Creek, VIC 3699 – Access via Village Bowl Ct – Stairwell up to upper floor above restaurant. Top Floor – Rooms 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 11, 12; Bottom Floor – Room 13 (behind shipping container) 

       Astra, 5 Sitzmark St, Falls Creek, VIC 3699 – Access via Front Door – See reception for access band. 

       Silver Ski, 1 Sitzmark St, Falls Creek, VIC 3699 – Entry via front door – Please contact Nathan 0491 492 482 for access codes

–    Rim Rock, 6 Falls Creek Rd, Falls Cree, VIC 3699 – Entry via lower driveway or stairs – Top Floor Room – 1, 2, 3, Bottom Floor 1, 2, 3

–    Snowdrift Lodge, 15 Falls Creek Road, VIC 3699 – Access via front stairs – Contact Nathan if any issues with access

Please follow this link for Village Maps for further information. Access to the village will be limited to a 30 minute period and then you will be required to move your car to allocated parking.

If you are having any troubles regarding arrival on the 3rd June. Please contact Nathan Roberts on 0491 492 482.

When you arrive at your designated accommodation you will have a wrist band which will be located on your bed which will give you access to the buildings and your designated workplace. Uniforms will be issued in venues on induction and training day

The House Rules are for the safety and comfort of all residents and exist to ensure that everyone enjoys living in the residences and no one is disturbed as a result of residents’ actions or inactions. 


We are pleased to offer comfortable, warm, inviting and premium staff accommodation for our group staff. We ask that you kindly read through these rules and sign your acceptance of them. Should these rules not be followed, we will be forced to enact disciplinary measures which could result in dismissal in the most extreme cases. This will become part of your employee file and we would expect all staff to abide by these rules for the enjoyment and comfort of all our staff. We hope you have an amazing winter season with us!  



  • Keep your personal belongings secureAlways lock them in your room and respect your roommates by locking the door whenever you leave. For missing or damaged belongings, you have left unattended we take no responsibility. 


  • For security reasons some parts of the property are under video surveillance 


  • Any unauthorised use, theft or damaging of the property or other guests/employee property will be reported to the authorities.  


  • Excessive consumption of alcohol, use of drugs and weapon possession in the property is strictly prohibited 


  • Fire Evacuation Plan is located at back of the entrance door to every roomYou must respond to fire alarms by evacuating the buildingFailure to vacate when an alarm sounds may result in disciplinary action. Do not re-enter the building until you are informed it is safe to do so by the authorities 



Staff Rooms & Common Areas 

  • As we are one of the larger employers in Falls Creek our staff accommodation venues are well known within the village. We pride ourselves on creating enjoyable and comfortable living environments for our staff and we ask in return you respect other guest’s and staff’s enjoyment within the village and accommodation. Excessive noise after 10pm within accommodation will not be tolerated and will place your status within staff accommodation at risk. 


  • Overnight stay and stopover of non-residents in any staff accommodation property is strictly prohibited. 


  • Smoking and vaping are prohibited in every room and on balconies. Smoking and vaping are permitted in designated smoking areas (check with property manager). 


  • Naked flames, candles and tea-light candles in rooms are prohibited.  


  • Please respect the house rules regarding noise and keep noise to a minimum between 10pm and 8am. 


  • Please keep rooms clean and tidy, including bathroom and kitchenette area. 


  • Only domestic electrical appliances e.g., hair dryers, shavers, irons and straighteners may be used, and residents are to ensure that such appliances are in good working order. All appliances must be switched off, disconnected and left in a safe condition after use. 


  • If asked by management, please participate in set tasks to creating a clean and harmonious living environment for all residents. 


Waste Management: 

All waste must be separated into 3 different types of bags/containers. Please see below for designated rubbish ‘huts’ nearby your accommodation 


  • PINK: General Rubbish is to be put in pink bags 

  • CLEAR: Recycling is to be put in clear plastic bags 

  • GREEN BIN: Food waste “Living Bin” (Compostable) is to be placed in the green bins and to be separated from general waste & Recycling in clear plastic bags provided.  


Failure to adhere to these policies will result 

1. First Instance – verbal warning  

2. Second Instance – Written Warning  

3. Final Instance – Termination of Licence to Occupy with vacant possession required after 48 hours 






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Please use your wrist band to enter the accommodation property 


There are two Bin “cubbies” located nearby to the property. Please ensure all rubbish is placed in the designated bags. No small household bags of rubbish should be placed there. 


  • Clear bags for recycle. 

  • Red/Black bags for waste  

  • Clear living bin bags for compostable waste.  


More bags are available in the kitchen area. Please contact 4 Site for more – 03 5758 1203 or text 0437 306 799 



Please respect your fellow roommates and colleagues by keeping this room clean and tidy. 



We have a large dining space and a smaller lounge area. Please respect others by using these facilities properly and keeping them in a clean state. 



There is a laundry in the second level for all staff to use, please be mindful of others by ensuring you don’t leave any clothes in the washing machine or dryers. You will need to provide your own laundry power. Please ask if you have any queries on how to use the machines.  


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You will be provided with an access Salto Wristband which will be designated to your room and your work venues. 


There is one Bin “cubbylocated nearby to the property. Please ensure all rubbish is placed in the designated bags. No small household bags of rubbish should be placed there. 


  • Clear bags for recycle. 

  • Red/Black bags for waste  

  • Clear living bin bags for compostable waste.  


More bags are available in the kitchen area. 



Please respect your fellow roommates and colleagues by keeping this room clean and tidy. 



There is a dining and kitchen room on the bottom floor, please respect others by keeping this area clean and tidy. 



There is a laundry on the bottom floor next to the dining room. Please be mindful of others by ensuring you don’t leave any clothes in the washing machine or dryers. You will need to provide your own laundry power. Please ask if you have any queries on how to use the machines.  



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Your Room code will be provided to you in person.  


There is one Bin “cubby” located nearby to Huski. Please ensure all rubbish is placed in the designated bags. No small household bags of rubbish should be placed there. 


  • Clear bags for recycle. 

  • Red/Black bags for waste  

  • Clear living bin bags for compostable waste.  


Please replenish your own stock of bags from the venues. 



First floor has a small “common” area with a couch, a large microwave and a paying laundry & dryer ($4 each for a load).



Murmeli and Frying Pan Inn both have well equipped laundry facilities for your use. Please take advantage of these facilities 


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You will be provided with an access Salto Wristband which will be designated to your room and your work venues. 


There is one Bin “cubby” located nearby to the property. Please ensure all rubbish is placed in the designated bags. No small household bags of rubbish should be placed there. 


  • Clear bags for recycle. 

  • Red/Black bags for waste  

  • Clear living bin bags for compostable waste.  


More bags are available in the Laundry Area 



Please keep your equipment within your room. 



There is a dining and kitchen room on the bottom floor, please respect others by keeping this area clean and tidy. 



Murmeli and Frying Pan Inn both have well equipped laundry facilities for your use. Please take advantage of these facilities.  



Spa/Pool are for exclusive use of guests.  



  1. Bed linen is provided, ie bottom sheet, doona cover, doona, pillow and pillow case. The doonas are very light so if you feel the cold  you may want to bring along a warm doona or extra blanket.
  2. If you don’t want to use our doonas, please put them  in the laundry on level 2.
  3. You will need:
    1. Towels
    2. Laundry powder
    3. Soap, toiletries
    4. Toilet paper
    5. Small garbage bags for rooms
    6. Tissues
    7. Bathroom cleaning products
  4. We have a lodge manager. Her name is Elka.  Elka  is a ski instructor at Falls this year and will greet you on arrival and show you around.  If you don’t have your room numbers let me know and I will update you.
  5. The lodge  has floor heating.  There are a couple of rooms which have broken elements in the slab and simply don’t work.  If you have one of those rooms and need a heater, please ask Elke and she will fix you up with one.  Heaters will only be permitted to be used if provided by management and only if the room’s slab is out of order.
  6. Please keep your rooms fresh. Open windows, use dehumidifiers.  Please clean bathrooms regularly as mould will surely start building up if you do not clean the rooms.  .  Rooms are all nice and clean and we expect you to keep them that way. Elke will be inspecting rooms weekly.  Money will be deducted from your bond for  rooms which are inspected and not cleaned.
  7. There are fridges in each room. Please do not stick stickers all over them or anywhere else for that matter. 
  8. The kitchen is a commercial kitchen, however it is not registered for use and we are not permitted to use it.  Anyone caught using the commercial equipment will be escorted from the premises as this will compromise accommodation for all.   We have the following facilities:
    1. Electric hotplates
    2. Toasters
    3. Air fryers
    4. Sandwich makers
    5. microwaves
    6. kettles
    7. All cooking pots, pans, utensils

New as of 21 May 2024

Mountain Fitness Club is a premium training facility, located in the Village Bowl. It is stocked with brand new equipment including assault bikes, rowers, ski erg’s, treadmills and strength training equipment. 

TAG staff are entitled to a 10% discount on winter season memberships – usually $495, but $445 for TAG staff.

If you wish to purchase a discounted membership, please email [email protected].

New as of 24 April 2024

We encourage you to have the Flu Vaccination prior to arrival at Falls Creek.  

Should you choose to have the vaccination, TAG will reimburse the cost of the vaccination. To claim the reimbursement you will need to provide your receipt/confirmation. Please email this to us for reimbursement to [email protected]

As part of Traverse Alpine Group’s commitment to excellent service and providing a safe work place, we require all front of house staff to hold a current Victorian RSA (Responsible Serving of Alcohol).
Please note that other state/territory RSA’s will not be accepted due to Victorian liquor licensing requirements.

Victorian RSA’s are now able to be completed online, without a face-to-face session. CLICK HERE to pay and complete your RSA course online.

You will be required to upload your Victorian RSA Certificate in Employment Hero as part of your onboarding process.

If you have any queries about your RSA, please click here to reach out to us.

We know everyone is excited to find out which venues you will be working in and where you will be living, and we appreciate your patience with this while we finalise our recruitment. 

Once our recruitment period has finished (late May) and venue/accommodation allocations are finalised, we will send out an email to all detailing the following: 

  • Which accommodation building you will be living in
  • Which room you will be living in
  • Your direct manager’s name and email address 
  • Your main venue of employment (please note – it is likely you will be required to work in multiple venues throughout the season)
If you require a lift from Mt Beauty to Falls Creek upon your initial arrival, these options will be communicated via the TAG What’s App group.

Work uniforms

For most, staff uniforms will be provided (venue specific shirt, apron, etc.). For other requirements by department see below:
  • Food and Beverage: black pants & black shoes (leggings are not considered appropriate) 
  • Kitchen: suitable non-slip footwear. Staff will need to bring own tops and aprons. Head Chef’s will advise directly when you arrive if there is any change to this
  • Guest Services (including Housekeeping & Day Spa): black pants & black shoes (leggings are not considered appropriate)
  • Operations and Logistics: some external layers (jackets) will be provided, but please have waterproof clothing and multiple warm base layers available
If you think you will be cold at work, please pack a black long sleeve top, which you can wear underneath your work uniform.
Day to day clothing

Think warm and waterproof! For getting to and from work, you will want an external waterproof layer and waterproof boots, so you arrive at work dry and warm. Bring the usual clothing bits, but remember, staying warm is about trapping air in your clothing, so more long thin layers is warmer than a couple of thick ones.

Money, money, money

Have some money in the bank when you arrive. Work hours depend on visitor numbers, so until the school holidays start there will be reduced hours. Although we will endeavor to provide sufficient hours to cover your living expenses, it is advised to have something up your sleeve just in case you wish to go out or buy the new snowboard you have been looking at!

Start Your Packing List

  • Clothes
  • Towels(s)
  • Favourite pillow if you prefer (but pillow, doona and linen are all provided)
  • Toiletries
  • Medications
  • Devices with chargers
  • Snow clothing including gloves and beanie
  • Suitable waterproof outdoor footwear
  • Slippers/indoor shoes
  • Dirty clothes bag (easy to take to shared laundry)
  • Exercise gear (for walks, runs, yoga, gym)
  • Favourite snacks
  • Photo(s) of your family and friends, books to read, music to listen to
  • Ear plugs (if you are a light sleeper)

Dress ups
We host a Staff party during the season. Pack your dress ups for this party – theme to be decided by vote (or you can organise something later).

If you have any queries about what to bring and what not to bring – please reach out by emailing us at [email protected]

There is a small Foodworks in the resort that carries all the essentials if you wish to shop at Falls Creek, get that emergency item, or do not have the means to get to Mt Beauty or Albury. Foodworks also has an ATM if you need cash. 

If you have a car, or can carpool, Mt Beauty (45 minutes away) has a full size Foodworks supermarket and pharmacy, or you can travel an extra 30 mins to Bright or an extra hour to Albury if you want to do a more extensive shop. 

It is a good idea to bring a supply of toiletries with you, as the Falls Creek supermarket prices can be higher. For some clothing and snow equipment, there are also ski and board retail shops throughout the resort.

You can buy your fresh fruit and vegetables via Vegitation Wholesale, Arnolds or Foodworks Mt Beauty online, who all offer deliveries to Falls Creek. For all your meat supplies you can get in touch with the team from Tawonga South Butchery  who also deliver to Falls Creek regularly during winter. 
If you need a bank there is a Commonwealth Bank and Bendigo Bank in Mt Beauty. For other branches you will need to travel to Wodonga or Bright. 

You can have mail sent to you via the Falls Creek Post Office. The Falls Creek Post Office is located near the Falls Creek Foodworks and accessible on foot from anywhere in the Falls Creek village. Items should be address to:

(Your Name)  
 C/O Falls Creek Post Office
Falls Creek VIC AUS 3699

Do you love all things content creation and social media? We would love to hear from you!

We are looking for social media champions for each venue. You will work under the guidance of our Social Media and Public Relations Manager Jessie to deliver content and images that fit with each individual brands goal for the season. Please email us at [email protected] if you are interested in adding this creative position to your role. 

TAG socials
 Follow our venues on Facebook & Instagram.

Facebook groups
Falls Creek Staff & Locals is handy for connecting with other Falls Creek people. Falls Creek Ride Share Can be good for sharing rides on and off the mountain.

Falls Creek resort app 
Snow and weather reports are available via the app.

Mobile coverage & Wi-Fi
There is 4G throughout the Falls Creek Resort, however the service varies at times and Telstra provide the best service/coverage. Optus and Vodaphone are limited. Our staff accommodation buildings are connected to fibre and have hi-speed wifi. 

By car
There are several ways to get from where you are, to where you want to be! The most obvious is by car. For those who are willing to bring others with them (share fuel costs/friendly conversation) jump on the Falls Creek Ride Share Facebook page and let others know your plans. This is also a helpful place to start if you are trying to get a lift to Falls Creek if you don’t have a car. When you get here, there are a couple of parking options for staff working within the resort.
V-Line has regular train and coach services to Albury (daily) and Mount Beauty  (Mon-Wed-Fri only), the nearest major towns from all major city centres. During the designated winter period, Falls Creek Coach Service provides regular bus transfers from the train station to Falls Creek. Please check their website for details and pricing: http://www.fallscreekcoachservice.com.au
As these coach services aren’t operational until opening weekend, TAG will assist with pickups as required from Albury and Mt Beauty. We will share this information closer to the date. 

On Arrival in Falls Creek – where do I go when I arrive in Falls Creek?
Prior to arrival, you will receive an email with information regarding your allocated accommodation, its location and how to find it, access codes, and any house rules that will apply. This will enable you to enter the village and make your way directly to your accommodation.

Before mid-June (pending snowfall), you can drive into the village to drop off your luggage, but you are only able to park for 30 minutes. After this, you can utilise the paid Accommodation Transfer Service (ATS) to transport you and your luggage to your accommodation (2023 pricing: $47 return or $30 one way – 2024 Pricing TBC) or you can carry your belongings into the village, which can be a lot of hard work if you are transporting over snow.

Once you have arrived and are settled into your accommodation, you are able to explore the village. The best way to do this is on foot, but there is also a free internal village shuttle that loops at about 15-minute intervals and stops at the designates shuttle stops. Please note, luggage is not allowed on these.

Training and orientation dates, times and locations will be sent to you prior to your arrival.

If you are looking to bring a car, it is very important to read below! Remember, you will only need your vehicle if you are travelling off the hill from Falls Creek. Everything in the village is walkable and when the snow is here you won’t be able to drive in the main village.
There are several parking options, all with varying costs and arrangements. 
Mountain Staff Permit – $275 – parking 5km from Falls Creek
Mountain Staff Permit application forms can be accessed via the link below. Please provide your signed letter of offer, which would have been emailed to you once you signed your offer. Alternatively, you can use your employment contract when issued to provide evidence of employment.
For all queries on this please refer to this FAQ link. Please note that these permits are issued by Falls Creek Alpine Resort – Contact them here for any questions.

Road 24 Permit – FREE – parking 5km from Falls Creek

Road 24 Permit application forms can be accessed via the link below. Please provide your signed letter of offer, which would have been emailed to you once you signed your offer. Alternatively, you can use your employment contract when issued to provide evidence of employment.
For all queries on this please refer to this FAQ link. Please note that these permits are issued by Falls Creek Alpine Resort – Contact them here for any questions.
Falls Creek Coaches – $220 – 30km from Falls Creek (Mt Beauty)
There is outdoor off hill parking available at Falls Creek Coaches in Mt Beauty, the nearest town to Falls Creek. You can park your car here and catch the bus up the hill to the resort. When you want to get back down to your car, you can either catch the bus or catch a lift.
Please contact Falls Creek Coaches for more information.



8am – 6pm

Available from opening weekend







*We have limited numbers available for season hire



RIDE, K2 & 32





Working for TAG

Calendar Dates

May 2023
During May, you will receive two separate emails. First, you will receive your Employment Contract and can begin the on-boarding process.
Then, you will receive an invitation to join Employment Hero, our HR platform.

Monday 3 June 
The first wave of TAG staff will arrive in Falls Creek. Some staff will arrive earlier – if this applies to you, you will be contacted directly to confirm the date.

Saturday 8 June
The official snow season starts, with the first day of lifts operating. This is very early in the season and there may or may not be snow at this time. Falls Creek’s extensive snow making system usually ensures that there is snow at top of the mountain, in the beginner areas. Sometimes, there can be enough natural snow for more ski area to be open. It is dependent on the weather patterns in the lead up to the opening.

Monday 17 June

The second wave of TAG staff arrive in Falls Creek.

           Saturday 22 June   
Start of School Holidays. This is the start of a very busy three weeks across the resort. Make sure you are well rested and ready!

Sunday 6 October
The official snow season closes, with the last day of lifts operating.

About TAG

Traverse Alpine Group (TAG) is an innovative, driven and professional hospitality group with properties in Falls Creek, Bright and Albury.

TAG endeavors to provide supportive and flexible employment for staff over the snow season in Australia and in certain venues, all year round. We offer employment from high end luxury dining, to fabulous large volume and quality venue experiences. Here at TAG, each of our venues is as important and as loved as each other!

We encourage professionalism, excellence in service and a sense of fun in our team and in turn, offer the same. Joining the TAG team will ensure you will have a winter of fun, rewarding work and hopefully a lot of snow!

TAG’s Venues
We are the largest hospitality provider in Falls Creek. Our team works across our bars, restaurants and accommodation venues which are listed below. Outside of Falls Creek, we have opportunities at The Boat Shed Lake Hume in Albury/Wodonga and in Bright at Elm Dining and The Yard Bright. Below is a brief overview of each of our venues. We have listed our social media channels, which we encourage you to follow.

ASTRA Falls Creek

Bar & Restaurant, Accommodation and Day Spa

Awarded Australia’s Best Boutique Ski Hotel for eight consecutive years, Astra Falls Creek offers luxury accommodation in the heart of the Falls Creek village. Coupled with a stylish Bar & Restaurant bringing uniquely local produce, modern Alpine inspired cuisine with an eclectic range of spirits and cocktails, Astra is a must visit whilst in Falls Creek. Astra also houses the award winning Astra Day Spa, which is highly sort after all winter.


HUSKI Kitchen

Features a delicious dining menu with an enviable range of South East Asian dishes and cocktails. The perfect place to relax and share some laughs with friends and family over our shared style menu. Huski Kitchen is a local’s favourite and has many return guests year after year.

CLOUD 9 Falls Creek

A world-class on-snow food and beverage outlet creating a memorable experience for all guests. The ultimate spot to catch up on top of the mountain. Cloud 9 has had a huge revamp over the last two summer seasons and is one of the most modern and sophisticated venues in our portfolio.

Enjoy wood-fired pizza, pasta, carvery, gourmet sandwiches, amazing coffee and a fully-stocked luxe mezzanine bar. Located at the top of the Halley’s Comet Chair, near Snow Sports School, Cloud 9 is a very popular destination.


Rustic, industrial and chic; The Frying Pan is a fun-filled bar and grill in the heart of Falls Creek’s famous Village Bowl. Enjoy classic craft beers and superbly prepared BBQ dishes in an elegant rustic-inspired pub atmosphere. Established in 1965, the Pan is a favourite among regulars to Falls Creek.


Dicky Knees came on board with Traverse Alpine Group in 2023. Serving up Bavarian Style cuisine, alongside European beers and great coffee, DK’s is the perfect spot to meet friends and have a quick bite to eat with amazing views of Ruined Castle – it’s the perfect spot to people watch! 


Murmeli is an accommodation property in Falls Creek. During the winter snow season, this is our main staff accommodation property.


The ultimate destination for those in the pursuit of sun, modern Australian inspired lunches and lakeside weekends. The Boat Shed Lake Hume’s expansive, casual chic indoor/outdoor space is the perfect backdrop for a long meal with a view. Overlooking the spectacular Weir, The Boat Shed is just ten minutes from Albury airport and an easy 15-minute drive from the twin cities CBD’s.

Elm Dining, Bright

A ready made experience awaits at Elm Dining in Bright. With a tasting menu that is sure to delight, accompanied by matching wines from across Regional Victoria and around the world, Elm brings that piece of luxury to Bright. 

The Yard Bright

The Yard Bright is built for FUN! You will feel the buzzing vibe from the moment you step inside. Offering a cheekily curated selection of Australian Botanical cocktails, as well as a great range of South American style share plates or quick bites, The Yard Bright will ensure that you leave feeling upbeat, relaxed, and satisfied.

With a wine list that focuses on local vineyards, The Yard Bright is the perfect place to spend an afternoon or evening with family and friends.

Image 1

Rosy Seaton is the owner of TAG. Living at Astra for the winter, Rosy brings fresh ideas and enthusiasm as well as a guiding hand. You will often find her running food at Cloud 9 or washing dishes at the Pan.

Image 1

Cass Schnurr is TAG’s Food and Beverage Manager. Having worked with some of the best restaurant and hotel brands throughout the world, we are lucky to have Cass lighting the way.

Image 1

Nathan Roberts is our ITC Systems Manager. Nathan and his family will also be the host in Murmeli Lodge, TAG’s main staff accommodation.

Image 1

Lucas Croft is TAG’s Operations & Logistics Manager. Lucas has been with the TAG team for many years and works closely with Cass to ensure everything runs smoothly, both operationally and logistically.

Image 1

Jessie Neale is our Public Relations and Social Media Manager. You’ll be sure to hear from her this season, when she’s requesting content for our social accounts!

Image 1

Sarah Gardiner is our Bookkeeper and administration whizz – she will be managing Employment Hero and your pays, so be sure to be kind to her!

Image 1

Alan Warhurst is TAG’s Safety, People and Wellness Coordinator. He manages all things Human Resources related.

Image 1

Sam Hardman is our Group Reservations & Events Manager. She is also our esteemed Accommodation Manager at Astra Falls Creek.

Most staff will work between 20-30 hours per week for the first few weeks of the season, then for the majority of the season staff will work up to 38 hours and some more than this. 

TAG is the second largest employer in Falls Creek. We have a number of venues and being employed with TAG means you may be required to work in venues and other roles throughout the course of the season to meet the objectives of the group.

Closer to winter, we will release further details of your primary venue where will be working and your direct Manager’s contact details.


About Falls Creek

Falls Creek is a true winter wonderland and there are so many activities available!  

Skiing & Snow Boarding

Falls Creek features a massive 450 hectares of skiable terrain – that’s the largest of any resort in Victoria. With roughly 90 runs accessed by 14 lifts, there is something to suit everybody’s ability. 60% of Falls Creek’s terrain is intermediate (blue), and is what we like to call ‘progression perfect’ terrain. Nowhere else in Australia offers such opportunity to improve your skiing or riding with a gentle step up to a slightly longer, steeper or more technical run.  

Those at the beginner end of the spectrum will have great fun in the Drovers area and on Wombat’s Ramble – Australia’s longest green run (at 2.2km). Nervous to ride a lift for the first time with skis on? No problem – Halley’s Comet and Eagle Express are both detachable lifts, which means you can ride them without skis on for a simple step-off at the top.

For the advanced rider, the Summit is packed with steep black runs and is the launching pad for the deep powder stashes and tree runs of the Maze. Ride International Poma for the longest poma ride in the country, packed with a steep climb and iconic ‘Corner’, for the best access to Falls Creek’s black runs.

Equipment Rental & Cross Country

Equipment Rental
Several of the equipment rental outlets in Falls Creek offer season mountain staff rental of skis/boots/poles or snowboard/boots. The quality and price of the gear varies. Many choose to buy their own. Some second hand gear can be found on the
 Falls Creek Staff & Locals Facebook Group. You will of course also need snow pants, jacket, gloves, goggles and helmet (strongly recommended).

Cross Country
Cross country skiing is a huge part of the unique activity base that makes Falls Creek so special, and it includes more than you may think. Skating on fast corduroy trails, exploring new terrain off-piste in the National Park, making tele carves down the lift-accessed runs – it is all part of this booming winter Snowsport. Falls Creek is the home of cross country skiing in Australia with 65km of groomed trails. Find the style that suits you and give cross country a turn this winter. 

Access to the cross country trails is free – you do not need to purchase a pass to use the cross country trails. You will need to organise cross country equipment (rental available from YMCA Windy Corner at Falls Creek) and appropriate clothing.   

Check out all of the winter Activities in Falls Creek  including Snow Mobile Tours, Back Country Tours, Snow Shoeing and Tubing. 

EPIC Australia Pass

Whilst you don’t need to buy a lift pass, we guarantee you’ll get hooked if you do and will want to ski/board every chance you can get!

The best value option for a season pass is the EPIC Australia Pass. The price of the EPIC Australia Pass will continue to rise and once the season starts, it will be not available to buy. 

Buy EPIC Australia Pass Now

Once the season starts, there may be a Mountain Staff Season Pass, but these will be much more expensive.

Snowsports are inherently dangerous and the cost of emergency medical assistance is very high – upward of $20,000 if you need to be air lifted to Melbourne for treatment. Ambulance cover is now mandatory for all employees of Traverse Alpine Group. We recommend you purchase Victorian Ambulance cover for $51.94 per year per person. You can renew or purchase Ambulance cover here. When completing your onboarding, you will be required to upload your certificate of coverage on Employment Hero. If you need a Victorian address please use 16 Schuss Street, Falls Creek, VIC, 3699

Accommodation Info

Closer to winter we will be releasing information via email on your accommodation and where you will be living. Please be mindful that there is a lot of work that goes into rooming allocations and we are trying our best to make everyone as comfortable as possible. 

All of our staff accommodation is ‘on mountain’ and includes Silverski, Frying Pan Inn, Astra and Murmeli. Go to the Falls Creek Village Map to check out where these properties are located. Your place of accommodation will be confirmed prior to your arrival, when allocations have been finalised. This will allow you to head straight to your accommodation when you arrive in the village. 








Plus some other beds located in falls creek in other buildings including Rimrock & Snowdrift.

Rent is automatically deducted pre-tax and rates are a per-person rate:

  • Shared room bed is $230 per week per person
  • Private/couple bed is $236 per week per person

    Please note we do not set these rates, they come directly from the Hospitality Industry General Award. This might seem expensive, but keep in mind that to rent a studio in the village privately for the winter would set you back $15,000+.


A security deposit of $450 is payable for your accommodation. This is comprised of a $270 Security Bond and a $180 (non-refundable) linen, cleaning and building upkeep fee.

The bond will be deducted from your pay (we will split it over weekly pay periods 4 x $112.50, starting from 6 July 2023).

The security bond may be returned to you after you leave staff accommodation, if your accommodation and all communal spaces have been left in good order (clean/undamaged/linen returned) and you have returned keys/POS wristbands/uniform.

The Security Bond is returned by direct deposit to your nominated account – please note for some people this may not be returned until after the end of the winter season.

Rates include ALL utilities (electricity/water/gas/super-fast fibre internet) and linen (doona, sheets & pillow – Please BYO Towel).

Welcome Pack including: cutlery & crockery, name badge, access band and Traverse Alpine Group bag and dry storage box.

On Mountain accommodation with fabulous facilities. Communal facilities:

    • Murmeli: Staff kitchen, lounge room, dining room, games area, free laundry, ski-in/ski-out, drying Room, Sauna, Awesome views, Meet lots of other TAG Staff
    • Frying Pan: Basic kitchenette in room, Separate staff kitchen/Lounge, Free Laundry, Board Store room, Ski-in/ski-out, Direct access to chairlifts
    • Silverski: Basic kitchenette (kettle, microwave, toaster, bar fridge), Ski-in/ski-out, Paid Laundry (can use Murmeli/Frying Pan for Free), Great location
    • Astra: Simple kitchen, Fabulous surroundings, ski-in/ski-out, Free Laundry
    • Rimrock: Communal Kitchen, Shared bathroom, Free Laundry, Lounge areas, Funky building, great location, ski-in/ski-out
When can I move in?
  • You may be able to move in slightly earlier than your required start date, but please reach out to us first if you are looking to do so.
  • Please be aware your rent will be charged from your date of arrival.
Where am I going to be living
  • Mid-Late May – An email will be sent to you with your building/room allocation.
  • Arrival details will be provided in due course.
  • Please note, once your rooming allocation has been sent we will NOT be amending this except in extreme circumstances.

Other Info

Please view our Policies and Procedures here.

How to Contact Us
Stay tuned for future updates on everything you need to know about your employment with the Traverse Alpine Group ❄   including upcoming winter events and things you need to bring, (yes we are talking costume dress ups). 

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out & chat with us.  We are always happy to answer any questions or chat about your upcoming employment at TAG. If you have any queries or questions please
 reach out and contact us.

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